Saturday, 22 February 2014

First home haul and a heart!

Good afternoon!
Today I went to Butlers and Interio in order to buy something new for our new home, as Eryk is moving already on Monday! Time went by so fast and now he's going to live in his own house! And as I am visiting him in April, I thought that I could bring already some small things with me. And so I checked the Butlers website yesterday and found some things that I would like to buy. As I also had a gift card from Butlers worth 20 Euros, I wanted to buy something for this money. So I went there and picked three things that I liked and as I wanted to pay for them and handed over the card, the lady working there scanned the card and said that there is money on the card but that this is most likely a German card and I can only use it in Germany. I don't understand why, but fine. Anyways, the things only costed 9 Euros so it wasn't such a big problem, but I got a gift card and can't even use it. So I am going to show you the things that I bought there :)

So the thing that I really wanted to buy was this nice PRINCESSY pinky cup. I saw it on the website already and when I saw it in the shop I just grabbed it and was looking out for other nice things. I wanted to buy two mugs from the Disney Collection, the one has a Minnie Mouse printed on it and the other one a Mickey Mouse and when you put the mugs together, Minnie and Mickey look as if they were kissing. And Eryk and I wanted them so badly but I just couldn't find them :( The Princess cup actually is really a beautiful thing and something that I really like. I want to use it for eating ice cream, freshly cut fruit with yoghurt or even cereals. I don't want to use it here as I bought it for the new house but I don't know if I can resist. :c 

And the other two things I got are recipe books. As you can see, the first one is for baking cupcakes and muffins and the second one is for preparing sweet things in general. So they were perfect for me :3
In fact the books are written in German so the others won't really understand them, but I know that I will bake the most and I can understand the recipes so that won't be a problem. I also thought that they would look cute in the kitchen and of course I already know that I will bake a lot in my free time for our small family :)

So today I actually bought only three things for our new home, but I also got 3 new nice towels some time ago that we are going to take to Scotland, because we got them for moving out. One of the towels is white with purple details and it says "Olivia&Eryk" and we got this from my family in Summer and we thought this was such a cute gift that we want to take it to our new home. And in December I got two huge towels from my dad, one of them is red and the other one is blue and they are so soft and so cool. 

Also today my dad said that I could take lots of things from home there so we'll see what I'll actually take with me.

After shopping in Butlers, I went to Interio, but couldn't find anything nice there. Also, Interio is very expensive and there were no decoration things, only towels and glasses and pillows and so on. So I didn't buy anything there.

After Interio I wanted to go to H&M and I saw a new shop, that I've never seen before! I went in and I thought that the shop was so cute! The interior just looked so nice and I had to take a picture to show you ( and I am really sorry but I took these pictures with my phone):

There is an area downstairs and upstairs as you can see. There is wood everywhere in the shop and they have nice clothes! I really like the style of them but a sad thing is that they are quite expensive. A thing that irritated me, was that every girl in this shop was dressed the same. They all wore khaki parkas, Converse or boots, triangles and so on, and so on. They were like old schools mixed with hipsters. I felt like an outsider there, but alright. Actually the jewellry wasn't as expensive as I thought, it is somehow cheaper compared to the clothes and I even bought something!
I always wanted to buy a ring that you wear higher than a normal one and I could never find them anywhere!
And finally this shop had them! 

(Sorry for the nails!)
I bought such a golden little heart ring that I thought looks really cute and there were also silver rings but somehow I found this heart the best looking. Also, I can wear it on my left hand with the other two golden rings that I wear all the times. I am happy that I finally found such a ring and also to have found a new interesting shop!
You can check the shop out on facebook when you type in Brandy Melville Vienna.

Well, so after buying this ring I finally went to H&M and grabbed 5 things and realised later on that I actually came to buy one thing and that I didn't even have so much money with me to buy all of the things. And so I bought only a black cardigan because I have no plain black knitwear, although I have about 30 sweaters and cardigans in my wardrobe! I also wanted to buy a skirt but I thought I'd wait with buying it as the cardigan was more important right now. I am going to show you this piece in the February Collective Haul which is going to be on my blog next week!

Evening update: What does this look like to you?

Nomnomnom, so good! Actually I am sad because I always add too much of the milk and Eryk always tried to teach me how much of milk there should be but I always fail and he makes better cornflakes. :(

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and that you'll keep coming back! :)