Thursday, 13 February 2014

Baking Valentine's muffins with a helper!

Since it is Valentine' day tomorrow and I like baking, I decided to bake some cute muffins. I've never baked these ones before and I hope that they are going to taste good!If not, I will be very sad!

As you can see, all the ingredients, but an egg us missing here!

Such a motivated little guy! Look at the concentration in his face!

Chocolate part 1

He just couldn't sit still without tasting the dough!

Nice chocolate dough with chocolate bits!

Getting started!

Actually the dough should be red, but it isn't :(

This little monkey just couldn't wait for the muffins being out of the oven!

Siblings selfie <3

Chocolate part 2 and 3 !

Melting white chocolate and adding some colour so it is pinky!

Out of the oven and still hot!

Putting some pink chocolate on the tops...

and some more chocolate bits...


Actually we are still waiting for them to cool down a bit, but I think I am going to grab one now ;)
Hopefully, they are going to be tasty!



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