Wednesday, 12 February 2014

♥ 10 Valentine's gifts for girls under 20 Pounds ♥

Hello guys! ( Hopefully more boys than girls today!)

As I've done the post for girls yesterday, now this is more of a post for boys.
And I have to add that girls really like a lot of things! And if you want to get her a special gift, you again don't need to spend a fortune! It is a better idea to buy something smaller, cheaper and to spend time with her! You can invite her to the cinema, to a restaurant, a cafe, or what's even better, invite her to your place and bake a cake or some muffins with her, or if you prefer cooking, then cook something nice together and enjoy it later on!

1) If your girlfriend likes candle ( just as me!) simply buy her some amazing smelling jar of Yankee Candle, WoodWick or other candles that you think she might like! My favourite candles are from Yankee Candle and WoodWick actually, but they are quite expensive. Large Yankee Candle Jar I just took the link from again, but candles you can actually get in every other drugstore, or John Lewis, Butlers and so on.

2) If your girlfriend is a make up lover ( like most of the girls out there!) you can buy her, her favourite beauty products or just something new in stock, like this Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin Curves Mascara!
Girls are often not sure if they should buy some new products or not, because sometimes they are just not what we have expected them to be, so take a risk and buy her some make up stuff! :) Rimmel mascara

3) If your girlfriend likes gift sets (which again would be me!) there are lots and lots of them! I would be crazy if I got one from Soap&Glory or Philosophy!
Also, they mostly come in ADORABLE boxes that can be reused and kept forever!

4) If your girls loves tea or coffee, and traveling, then probably she won't get out of the house without having her drink, and could miss her bus, train, plane or whatever. But not with this! Travel cup from Cath Kidston.
It can also be used for school, college, uni, work or even at home! And there is asgain a huge range of travel cups! You can find them in Primark, Cath Kidston and so many other shops!

5) If your girlfriend likes tea in tins, here you are! Tea in a tin from Cath Kidston.
I am a girl that absolutely loves them and I am always sooo happy if I get some new tins!
You can buy them at Whittard of Chelsea, some Souvenir shops, or Cath Kidston! Again, the tins can be reused, which is great! And loose leaf tea tastes so much better than normal tea!

6) If your girl likes collection pretty mugs, or likes hot chocolate, tea or coffee, cute mugs will make her drink taste even better! Flowery mug
Again, you can buy pretty mugs in Ikea, Butlers, John Lewis, Cath Kidston and so on!

7) Also a good idea is a nice frame with a pretty picture of you two that she can hang in her room and have you around her all the time. Love frame , and you probably know where to find frames, because a lot of shops offer them :)

8) Some girls like to scribble around, or draw or write texts or just take notes, a personalised notebook would be perfect for her then! Personalised notebook

9) If your girlfriend likes reading books or listen to music, watch films, then you can buy her a book that she'll like, or a DVD, or like I said before, take her to the cinema! I won't show you any links or pictures, as there is a HUGE range of offers!

10) And here comes my last idea, which some people might think is not a good gift at all, because it is a simple one, but I really would be happy if I got some gift cards/ vouchers for the shops I like! I always say if someone doesn't know what to buy me, a gift card will always do!
And a lot of shops sell them, so there should be really no problem finding them, and you can also top them up with the price you find okay!

I hope this post helped you to find something nice before Valentine's Day, and I hope that after the days ended you can say that it was a very nice day!
If I inspired you to buy something, feel free to comment below! :)



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