Monday, 24 February 2014

What's in my bag? - School edition

So, actually I am talking on Skype with Eryk and he showed me already our whole house and I am really proud of him that he had his own house already! I am only sad that he will be alone for six days there, but he has work and after work he can still play computer games or talk to me :3
I think the house is quite cool and with our things transported there and with some decoration it will surely be cosy! I am already so excited!

But ok, that's not what I want to write about, I wanted to show you: What's in my bag? As today was a normal school day and on such days I have the most things with me. So let's see! :)

As I had to take a lot of things to school today- I picked my GABS bag.

This is the mess you can see when you open my bag ;)

You can see that there is one folder with lots of sheets for school, and there are no books as I left two of them at school today as I had them at home. Also a pencil case which is about three years old already, that I bought with my two cousins Kinga and Dani in Vienna on holidays. They also have the same one :) Also I had a bottle with some apple&peppermint juice and some nice healthy cookies. Also, there was a banana and a corny bar in the morning, but I ate them.

Also, there is my school planner which I really like!Actually, it is one from Edinburgh that my boyfriend got me. I also had my glasses in such a fancy red box, my favourite purse and my keys with me.

And the last things I could find in my bag were my Urbanears headphones with my very old and still working iPod, my little beauty bag with some essentials, my Edinburgh notebook which my boyfriend bought me on our way back home from the National Museum of Scotland in August. And there was also an English play that we actually had to read, but I read only the first scene. And tomorrow we are going to the English theatre with class to watch it. 

And there is a nice shopping bag in the GABS bag which is also nice to have it with you.
And as you can see, these were all the things that I had at school today with me.

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PS: Who wants an "Empties" entry tomorrow? ;)



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