Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Empties February Edition

Hello everybody!
Today it was such a nice weather outside! Still, it could finally be warmer already because I don't want to wear thick jackets and scarves anymore. School was okay because we went to the English theatre and for the first time I really enjoyed the play! Normally, they were boring, but this time it was funny and the actors were singing a lot and playing guitat and they were just so good!
Anyways, yesterday I was thinking about today's blogpost already as I think that I need to plan ahead because sometimes I have no idea what to upload as there are no interesting things to show just every single day. But in January I started to keep all (or at least as many as I could) empties and store them in a bag in order to finish as many products as possible. At first I was thinking of showing you 10 every time I collect 10, but somehow there are more of them now, but for the next Empties post I think that I will always pick only 10 products to show you, so that the posts won't be too long and too boring for you.
So yeah, let's see what I've used over the last two months! :)

Well, here are all of my used products, so let's see what we can find in there! :)

Ok, the first thing I picked from the bag is the famous Bioderma face cleanser. As you can see this one was a huge bottle full of 500ml cleanser, but sadly I just finished it yesterday. I had this product for over a year and I have to say that I didn't use it everyday but still quite often. I got this one from my aunt once because she baught it tried it, but it was not suitable for her skin so she just gave it to me- the whole new bottle of it! I really love this product and I would recommend it, but you have to know that this one is quite expensive, especially such a bottle. But as I've been to Poland in February, what did I buy? A new Bioderma bottle, but this time only half of it, a 250 ml bottle. I also wanted to buy a 100ml one because it looked SO cute but then I thought that a bigger one would be better, so yeah. - REPURCHASED!

This product, me and my cousin Dani bought in Summer three years ago because we wanted to test if it was really making your boobies bigger or if it makes your skin better or whatever it says. The product wasn't expensive so we were using it for two months but couldn't really see any changes. I've used it later on as well in order to empty the tube but I never managed to do so and last time I found this product in my stuff, I realised that no one should use it anymore so I just put it aside to show it to you- even though it was not compeltely an empty. - WON'T REPURCHASE

I've already mentioned in my hair post that we always have different head&shoulders shampoos at home so I don't buy them on my own, and lately I found this one, which I found interesting and I decided to use it as I've been losing quite a lot of hair and wanted to strenghten them. I am not sure if it really helps, but it cleans my hair nicely and I would still use it. - WILL REPURCHASE 
This shampoo is the most frequent one in my bathroom and I always use it. It cleans my hair nicely, it has a fresh smell and I will still use it for the next time. - WILL REPURCHASE

I bought this product before summer holidays because I thought it would be refreshing after a fun, hot summer day. The only refreshing thing about this product is the smell. At first it does smell nice, but after some weeks you only smell alocohol and I was glad that I needed to use it only one more time to finish it. After you clean your face with it, it is sticky and needs a long time to dry and it didn't make me feel fresh at all. So, sadly - WON'T REPURCHASE

This conditioner I actually bought in Poland on holidays because I forgot my Garnier Goodby Damage shampoo and conditioner at my cousin's house at the sea and had no other one left. I thought it had a nice  design of the bottle and it also smells really nice so I thought that I'd buy both, the shampoo and the conditioner. And really, this conditioner was really nice with my hair and I enjoyed using it. I wanted to buy it when I was in Poland last time but forgot it. The shampoo though, ( I threw the bottle away earlier) doesn't really to foam up on your hair and it stressed me a bit that it wouldn't clean my hair properly, but it did. So it was quite nice. The conditioner though is my favourite one, apart from the Nashi Argan one. - WILL REPURCHASE

I've had this shower cream from November until early February and I thought that it would last for longer as I've been using always a very small amount of it. In the beginning it worked amazing for my skin, it really was moisturised and it looked and felt so much better! Sadly, as I've been using the product for a longer time, the effects were not as good anymore, but I still have another bottle left so I'll use it. However, I am not sure if I am going to repurchase this product as it is also quite expensive. - NOT SURE ABOUT REPURCHASING

This nail polish remover was bought once we were buying food so my mum and me really don't care about nail polish removers, this was actually a cheap one, worked well though. It says that it smells like blueberries, but of course it doesn't! It is a polish remover, they never smell good! But actually I had no problems with this one and I also had it for quite a long time, so why not?  - WILL REPURCHASE

This product has been for years in our bathroom now. These are the only wet wipes my mum and I use to remove make up. They are also the best ones I've ever tried because they are really wet and not dry so they remove make up easily and also moisture your skin. Totally a must have in our bathroom - WILL REPURCHASE

I love the Body Shop and all the fruity products. The thing I like most are the shower gels. Once I had a 500ml strawberry one which was amazing and also once I had a grapefruit one which contained 750 ml. It was HUGE and it smelled SO good! After leaving the bathroom you could smell it in the whole house! Just amazing stuff. But now we are talking about body butters. The problem about them is that you have to use them in a most possibly short time, because after some months they stop smelling nice and that's the point when I stop using them. I really like the boxes of them and I always reuse them to store some little things like bobby pins or so on. They make your skin soft and smell nice for the first couple of weeks. I can't resist buying them! - WILL REPURCHASE

I've tried three different kinds of pills to strenghten my hair and actually the first ones really helped after two weeks of taking the pills already. These ones were really gross! They are big, hard to  swallow and they smell horrible. It was really a torture for me to take them because I wanted to vomit every time I had to take them. Now I have already new ones, and we'll see if they are going to work. - WON'T REPURCHASE

I finished this hand cream already a long time ago and found it last time in my things. It was good for my hands but it doesn't really have a smell, and I find it quite boring when skin products have no nice smell at all. I really love the Soap&Glory Hand Food because it looks amazing and smells amazing and makes your skin very soft. But this one was just a normal product to me. WON'T REPURCHASE

This cover stick I've had for a long time and I always liked using it when my Shiseido one was empty. My favourite cover stick was the Shiseido one but I left it in Scotland in 2012 as I thought that it was useless taking it back and not using it anymore as it was empty. The packaging of it looks so luxurious, it is like a mirror allover and it is such a nice product. But well, since I don't have it right now, this was my emergency cover stick. It was also quite good and if I won't find any better one then I'll have to say - WILL REPURCHASE

I wanted to buy a liquid concealer as well because I thought it would be good to cover the dark bags under my eyes which are ALWAYS there, no matter what I do. But this product was more creamy than liquidy and I thought it would be more liquidy. I have to say that I liked this product but I was really disappointed when two days ago I realised it was empty already. After not even a month of using it, it was empty! Maybe I'll find an other concealer that would suit my skin. - NOT SURE ABOUT REPURCHASING

So these were all the products I managed to store before throwing them away. I hope my reviews of them will help you with buying such products and I also hope that you'll enjoyed reading this post.

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