Wednesday, 26 February 2014

♥ Princess Porridge ♥

Hello readers!
I am too lazy to study right now, so I'll upload a post :)
I am talking to my lovely boyfriend on Skype and decided to make myself something to eat some minutes ago. About three days ago I decided to try out porridge, because nobody in my family does it, although we have all the ingredients at home. So I made myself some porridge with an apple, honey and cinnamon and it tasted awesome! It was also healthy, because I didn't add sugar, but honey and there was a whole apple in it, cut into small bits. And so I did this kind of porridge three times and I really like it. But now, I was too lazy to peel an apple, so I decided to make something new, so here are the pictures! :)

Here you can see all the ingredients I've used (+ hot water)...

First, take 4 big spoons of oatmeal and put them into a bowl...

Then, add a tiiiny amount of hot water to make them softer and fluffier...

Next, I always spill the water out again and add some milk instead...

Then, add a small spoon of cocoa powder and stir...

And finally, add some chocolate!

TADA! All done! ( Actually, I used too much milk for this one and I just took some spoons of it out.)

And of course, tea for Princess Porridge, at any time of the day or night!

Look who's here with me! My cutest cutie that just got out of bed and is still very tired! <3

And now: a happy face after having nice porridge!

Actually Eryk said that my name should be Princess Porridge, as the only thing I want to eat now is porridge! ;)

Sadly, I'll have to revise for school now, and I am so sleepy that I think I'm going to nap for 20 minutes and revise afterwards. 
I hope you're having a nice day, and see you tomorrow! :)

PS: I'm going to turn 18 in exactly two months! Oh my god, I feel old!
Oh my god, I just found the satchel of my dreams and I REALLY need it in my life. I think I am going to buy it myself for my birthday!

Evening edit: What I am listening to over and over again: Asking Alexandria Live Session <3
These guys are really amazing! Just listen to the vocals! Amazing!



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