Monday, 17 February 2014

My OOTD 13 and English Booster!

Hello ! :)
It is so late already!
Well, today our English Booster week started, which is basically 30 hours of English only and with native speakers, one from London and one from Edinburgh(!! so cool!! ). Tody we already had 6 hours and some of the students are complaining about it, what I can totally not understand, because I think this is such a great opportunity to practise quite intensly before having our final exams. Personally, I really like this English Booster project and I am happy that I can take part in it, as it is also quite fun! So after 6 hours of English, we went for an hour maths ( only a small group of my friends as we need some help from a better teacher than ours) and we were supposed to finish at about 15:15. Well, so after that we could finally go home and when there was only Nina and me left on the tube suddenly the driver said that the tube is out of order and that passengers can take the tram instead. So imagine the mass of people in a capital city, in the centre of the  city, getting off the tube at once. This was pure chaos and so stressful! There were people everywhere and nobody knew which way to go and we were pushed forwards and backwards and so on and we were happy to get some fresh air after we managed to go upstairs. Of course, we weren't the only ones who were waiting for the tram home and again, hundreds of people were there and we decided to wait for the next tram when ours finally arrived after 15 minutes of waiting. So, we were strong enough to get into the second tram and we could even find seats, which was ust great! Well, and it is 5 pm now and I literally just came home. Vienna is normally a place were you can get from point A to point B in minutes, and not in hours! This actually happened for the first time to us. Somehow I managed to arrive at home and I took some pictures of my OOTD although they are not so good. (sorry for that!)

So today I wore my bordeaux tunic/dress that I bought in H&M just over a year ago, and I like it so much, but it doesn't look the best anymore :c On top of the dress I wore a black basic ZARA sweater and because the dress would be too short to wear it with thights, I wore my leggings from Reserved. Also I wore my dark jacket from H&M, my H&M tartan scarf and my VANS.

 Smile :)
And finally I had my EAT HAGGIS AND CEILIDH ON bag again that I love so much!

Yesterday in the evening I painted my nails with Bourjois Cerise Noir, but it is somehow not such a good nail polish for the price you have to pay and it also dries ages so I woke up with a nice blanket pattern! Awesome!

And here you can see a bit of the things we got today :)

So I hope you had a nice Monday and that it wasn't too exhausting for you :)
I am now talking to my Eryk and I'll continue writing my Religion work as soon I'll have to study a lot for exams and won't have time to do anything else :/



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