Thursday, 6 February 2014


Hello beauty queens! Today I've been reading my German book a bit, and now I got dressed and made my make up, because in half an hour I am going to get some pedicure done with my mum!
Actually I am a bit scared because mainly I am going there, so they can fix my two toenails that just don't want to grow properly, like normal nails would do. I think they like growing into my skin, as they have done this for the last years. Anyways, I wanted to show you my outfit of the day and some other things. :)

I am wearing my beige H&M sweater/shirt, as you can see, and it is a bit cropped so you can see a tiny, tiny bit of my belly!

By the way! Look at my lashes! They are sooo log right now! They've never been so long before!

I am also wearing some jeans from Bershka, that I bought some time ago, and didn't wear them as they were not so skinny as I wanted them. So I took my sewing machine, took myself some time one evening and made them skinnier and now I can wear them! :D I also have the same pair, but in a lighter colour, and also, they were victim of the sewing machine.

I also bought some Golden Rose matte black nail polish, that I will show you in my February Collective Haul. It looks quite good, but I need to get the old gel fixed again, so it won't be crackling off again, because you can see it through nail polish, which doesn't look too good.

Here you can see how my mum organised my things when I was at my cousin's place. Now I can actually see what I brought with me. :D

And as I was reading the book, I am on page 187 now and I still need to read about 550 pages. I need to finish it before Sunday evening. NOT GOOD!

And this was it! It was just a small update and now I'll watch some TV before we leave :)



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