Monday, 10 February 2014

My OOTD 9 and a Princess gift!

Yesterday in the evening we arrived in Vienna and I unpacked my bags really quickly as I had to do a lot for school, and my room is still a huge mess, but I'll clean it up later on. As I hadn't the chance to upload anything yesterday, here comes my outfit of today :)

I am wearing my H&M jacket and my H&M Tartan scarf that I bought ages ago, before going to Scotland for the first time. I was also wearing my brown Clarks leather boots.

My sweater is from Stradivarius and my Jeans are from Bershka. I don't know why my legs look so massive in these pictures :( I didn't even gain any weight or something :(

My make up, again: concealer, bronzer, blush, mascara, eyebrow shadow.

As you can see the sweater has some different textures, which looks very cool I think :) It is also a bit glittery, like a Princess! 

And I also need to show you something very cool!
Look what my best boyfriend got me for Valentine's Day!

Isn't it cute? *__* 
Most likely I will pick it up in April because we won't meet earlier, but that's fine. See? This is how you give your partner gifts while being in a long-distance-relationship, you buy it and show it and bring it with you the next time. :)
Also, today, on February 10, is Eryk's and my Second Anniversary! I can't even believe that we've been together for such a long time already! <3

Now, I'll go and revise a bit for my history check-up tomorrow as I didn't do it yet and later I'll go to school for two hours again.



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