Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sweater weather...

Hello beauty queens!
Afternoon just started and I am still in bed! As my mum told me to turn the radiator off in my room two days ago, it is so cold in here! But the weather outside looks so lovely! It is very sunny and there are absolutely no clouds. My parents and my brother are now off to my aunt's new house but as I've been there last week, I decided to stay at home, write a blog post and do all of my homework for school.
So, I wanted to write this post long time ago already but never really had the time for it, so I took the pictures at night finally and now I am going to upload them for you.
As you may already know from my OOTD's, I love sweaters and cardigans. I just love knitwear! There are actually even more sweater and cardigans in boxes under my bed which I am not wearing anymore but if I'd counted all of my knitwear, there would be about 30 piecec in my wardrobe, which is way too much!
Also, sweater and skirts are my favourite things to buy ;)
So let's see my sweater and cardigan collection- I hope you enjoy it! :)
I think these are all of my sweaters, but I am not 100% sure

So these were my sweater/jumper and now let's see the cardigans :)

So these were all cardigans I possess ( I think so!) and you also need to know that I have six hoodies and a poncho for summer nights. Well, I still have nothing to wear :3



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