Thursday, 20 February 2014

Follow me around! 20.02.2014

After school I had to go home and go to town again as I had to buy something and forgot to take the money with me. At home I grabbed my camera and took some pictures on my way.
So: Follow me around! :)

Today it is really warm! (12 degrees!!) and I just wore my Levi's jeans jacket, my Bershka skinny jeans, my red striped Vans and my Eat Haggis and Ceilidh on bag.

As I had only a black top, I put on a white sweater and it really was perfect to go outside, I wasn't sweating and I really wasn't cold either! Just perfect!

I love this bag! 

My red striped Vans that I didn't show here yet, but have them for over a year already. I really like them but there is a problem. The area that covers your naked foot like mine in this picture, is made of leather and on the back above your heel there is a thick stitch that always makes my skin sore there. :(

On the way to the tram...

Gym outside my livingroom windows...

Way to the subway...

I have my Golden Rose Nr. 16 nail polish on my nails but I have to renew them again.

Stairs to the subway...

Some funky building, actually it is C&A and Clockhouse...

Mariahilferstraße- a famous shopping street in Vienna

Is there a Princess living? Maybe someone should check!

Going downstairs to the subway again...

Selfie time!

And look what I bought! So cool! Fairy drink :3

And of course, had some warm toasts with nearly liquid Nutella <3 Nomnom! Soo good!

Hope you enjoyed my short day out, which lasted only one hour in fact ;)
Tomorrow there could be a review of something new I bought! ;)



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