Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Essence Purifying nose strips test and review!

Good evening!
Sorry that I didn't manage to upload anything earlier!
Today I want to show you something I bought and it is going to be in the February Haul as well. I bought the Essence purifying nose strips that is said to remove blackheads, refines pores and improves skin texture.
This is how it looks from outside, I think it is quite nice looking and things that look good are more likely to be beought, so I thought I'll give it a try.

On the second picture you can see the instruction, take the strip out, your nose has to be wet because otherwise this strip won't stay there and then you just stick in onto your nose. You wait for 10-15 minutes maximum, then you have to put some water on the strip so you can take it off and then you remove the bits of the paper that stayed on your skin, if there are any.

There are actually three such strips in the package and this thing costed about 2 Euros. It is also said to not use the strips too often, that it is good to use them every third day maximum!

This is how the strip looks like, like Batman! Haha! It is a bit hairy on the upside and I have to say that the smell of it isn't the best one, but it is okay, because onc you have it on your nose, you won't smell it, but you better wash your hands after you applied this thing because the smell attaches to your fingers.

And don't forget to feel pretty and sexy!

Set the timer and wait!

As you can see to some parts of the nose the strip isn't really attached to and I had to hold my nose for some minutes in order to keep the strip on my nose before I remmoved it.

Make this strip a bit wet and try to take it off. It quite hurt in my opinion, I thought it would be less painful and that it would come off without trying to rip my whole skin off.

This is how the strip looked like after I managed to finally take it off, a bit torn, but OK.

The effect looks like this. I am not sure if this is a good result or if it could be better. I am not sure if a peeling is not better working but I actually think it is, as I always have reeeaally smooth skin after I use my face peeling and after the strips I still have some rough areas, so either this is a question of learning how to usse the strip or it is just not working so well. If you have used the strips before, let me know!

I hope this entry helped you a bit if you wanted to buy this product or if you want to try it out now, as I said let me know what your opinion is, if you have any and hopefully, I will be able to write soon again! :)



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