Wednesday, 19 February 2014

My shower routine and red tulips

Good evening everyone!
Today was Day 3 of the English in Action project and I really have to say that, although many students are complaining about it, I think it is really cool. The only thing that annoys me is that we have to do debates which is absolutely a thing I hate. But apart from this all the rest is quite cool and useful.
After six hours of English again, I came home and was somehow really tired so I talked to Eryk a bit and lay down, fell asleep of course and couldn't wake up for the next two hours. Then I finally managed to get out of bed and realised it started raining, so the weather changed. This is actually a thing that my body feels and it is the reason why I was suddenly so tired.
Yesterday in the evening I was thinking of doing a post about my daily shower routine, I don't exactly know why, but I just decided that I want to do it. So I'll post some pictures ( of course not me having a shower :D ), and to show you the products I use and so on. I hope you will enjoy it and that you are going to write me how your shower routine looks like! :)

We just entered my still unfinished bathroom. We have been living for nearly six years in this house, but our bathroom is still changing and that's the reason why it is still unfinished. I hope you don't mind. :D

Bathroom selfie! ;)

Good, so this is my corner as you can see. Here you can see the products that I use, escept of the Garnier conditioner, because it just doesn't work on my hair. And the hair shampoo is missing in this picture, but ths post is about showering anyways.

Let's start with showering- These are the two products I am using every day. I got both of them for Christmas and I one on Monday for example, and the second one on the next day and then again the first one and so on. I just thought that I don't want to let one of them wait forever, as both bottles are 500ml and I thought this would be a good solution. What I think is really practical, is that you don't need to open the Soap&Glory shower gel like all the other ones, and I think that all shower gels and shampoos should have such a bottle! I like both of the products, the raspberry kiss is really fruity, and the Soap&Glory one is more milky and smells a bit like men shampoos.

Both of them have really cool messages written on the back sides that are quite amusing while reading them! I like such things a lot!

When I take a bath, which is not very often because I prefer taking showers, I use this beauty that I also got for Christmas. Also, my brother started using it as he is having a bath every day. It really foams up nicely and we both like this product a lot! 

It has a creamy consistence, you just take a bit of it out and put it in the water and you have nice foam! This one also smells like men shampoo! ;)

Again the product informations are so cool on this product that I just love the packaging so much that I'll probably re-use it for something else after I'll finish it.

Twice a week I am also using my body peeling that I always buy in Poland because it is a Polish brand, obviously. It REALLY smells like fresh strawberries, like strawberry juice or really good strawberry sweets! Every time I use it I would really like to eat it, but sadly this could have negative effects on my body, and we don't really want this to happen.

It only costs one Euro if you're thinking in Euros and not in Polish money. I mean what price is that? That's really nothing and you need such a small amount of the product to peel your body. Last time I had a grapefruit  one and I didn't even use it until it was empty and somehow my mum threw it away while cleaning the bathroom. :( I was very sad so I bought this one. As you can see it is a very handy bottle as well.

The peeling bits are really hard and they don't melt away or something, they are also really big and maybe you can see that there are also white bits inside. You can really feel this product working on your skin and you shouldn't press it too hard against your skin because it will be red all over. But this product is amazing! I love it! And there are also SO many flavours you can choose from! I think there are all kinds of fruits and coffee as well!

After the shower gel and the peeling sometimes, I apply the shower cream on my skin. This is actually the second bottle I am using, and the first one I had from November until February, even though I thought it would last for a longer time. 

It is also a good product, but somehow it worked better when I tried it for the first week and later it was just good but somehow not so good anymore, which I can't understand, but fine.

And there is also a product that I should use regularly but I always forget to use it after I go out of the shower. It is a really thick body lotion for stretch marks. And as I have stretch marks I should use it to make them look better and I got this product from my mum, and she bought it in a private shop with such expensive body products where a friend of her works. I think this cream costed about 60 Euros which is really A LOT. And I feel so bad for not using it, but I really want to start again from today. Keep your fingers crossed for me to not forget to use it!

And for finishing off this post I wanted to show you some tulips we have in our living room, that my mum actually got for Valentine's day. I love tulips, they are really my favourite type of flowers. I am not really into roses, but if I get tulips, I can get crazy. These ones are like red-yellowish and they just look so pretty! And they are also five days old and still so good looking! Also, Eryk told me that he was about to send me red tulips for Valentine's Day but somehow his booking was not accepted and he was really angry about it. He wanted to make me happy and felt so bad that his plan didn't work. But a few minutes after he told me this story, I got a beautiful Valentine's card and even a letter from him, which felt sooooo good! <3

Look at them! So beautiful! Do you like tulips?

PS: Look what I just made and what I am eating! ;)



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