Friday, 28 March 2014

Adventure day: 2000 years ago?!

Today we went on a school trip and visited "Carnuntum" which is a Roamn town near Vienna. We were actually sitting on the train for an hour but at least it was warm there and we didn't need to walk there.

I just wanted to show you some pictures I took today to show you how it looked like. Here we go :)

Nina and I started our day with some hot chocolate and croissant at Starbucks in the early morning.

How beautiful is this tree??

Nice ceiling *__*

Swimming pool (at least it was very warm in here!)

The ground there made my shoes so dirty that they really need to be washed already.

My OOTD :)

And now I had some nice toastie with cheese and ketchup.
Now I'll have my tea and I'll be happy :)



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