Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Pinks and reds!

Hi guys!

I thought that I'll  show you like my lipsticks because I don't have them in the OOTD's because mostly they are from days when I am at school, and I feel like it is a bit inapropriate wearing bright red or pink lip colour there. So now you can see what I keep in a small glass :)

Ok, so here is how I like to storage these babies, because there are only few of them and they look quite cute this way, I think.

1) Let's start with the Yves Rocher Raspberry lip balm which actually tints your lips nicely, the swatch to this one is the very first one from the left. The smell of this lipbalm is just amazing and I love them! I also had one that had the smell of cocoanut and I was crazy about it! I finished it off in Scotland so I left it there, I mean I threw it away there, so when I'll finish all my lipbalms, I am definitely going to buy the cocoanut one again! But the raspberry is also amazing, and it also makes your lips so soft that I can say this product has everything that a lip product needs!

2) The second swatch is the Miss Sporty Hollywood lip gloss in 260 Beverly boulevard. I bought his one 2 summers ago, I loved it, I've used it very often and right now I am finishing it off. It slightly tints your lips, it is glossy, not sticky, and it has tiny glitter particles in it.

3) & 4) The third and the fourth swatches are my Rimmel Apocalips lipglosses. They have amazing colour but the smell of them is so terriblr that I really can't use them because it just makes me feel sick. I'd love to use them because they have such a nice pigmentation as you can see, and they don't bleed or anything. But another thing that annoys me is that the colours are so intensive that you have to be careful not to touch your lips in any way because this could end up in a bad way!

5) This one is my Manhattan lip gloss that I had once before already and I loved it back then but now I think that the glitter particles are a bit too big and when you press your lips together you can feel them and I don't really like this feeling, but the pigmenation of this one is amazing and so is the smell!

6) The next one is from Essence and it is said to smell like brownies and cherries and it has a very nice fruity smell, it actually doesn't tint my lips somehow, but it is no sticky so it is quite nice I think. Sadly, I didn't wear it too often because only some weeks ago I found it in a jacket I wore in autumn. This one is also a cheaper gloss so I think it is good to have such a product for emergency cases.

7) & 8) The last two big swatches on the right are my very loved Inglot lip sticks that come in the Freedom system pallette. Inglot is actually a bit more expensive than Manhattan or Rimmel, but the pallette looked so cute that I just couldn't resist not buying it. And also the pigmentation is amazing. The only thing is that these are matte lip sticks and my lips tend to dry out a bit so I always use a thin layer of Vaseline before I apply the lipstick. After some time, I don't have to be scared that it will come off while drinking or eating, and it stays for some hours on your lips which is also amazing.

9) And the last one, the red swatch down there is my Astor lip balm that you've probably seen already. Personally, I like it, when i apply only a thin layer and take the gloss off gently off with a tissue so it is a matte lipstick because otherwise it would be very glossy and dangerous to touch.

Do you have some of these products? Are you interested in buying them? Let me know! :)

Have a nice evening, I am off to wash my hair and revise for the next two hours.



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