Sunday, 30 March 2014

My OOTD 21 : Cinema with mum!

I hope you had a nice weekend and that you gained some energy for the next week!
Yesterday I was studying and not going anywhere but right now mum is getting ready because we are going to the cinema together. We were waiting for "The book thief" because I was reading it and I was just too curious to not go and see the movie. As we both really like the topic we decided to go and see it together.

I am already excited and I hope that the movie is going to be great!
And here you have some pictures:

Stuff that I used for my make up + my Astor Cheeky Cherry balm

Music, music, music <3

All done!

I really don't know when I last wore this bag but it is so cute and for today it is perfect!

I am wearing my Reserved leggings, my H&M cardigan, a Bershka lace crop top that you can't see, a Skull shirt that actually belonged to my mum last summer( for a day! HA HA!) and then I also have my H&M sun glasses, my I am purse and I'm going to wear my caramel shoes or my Vans, but I think that I am going to wear the caramel ones!

Bye! :*



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