Thursday, 27 March 2014

Late night post

Oh dear, why do I have no time to write every day?
It is really super hard to write entries like every single day because school makes me so busy at the moment and it won't stop until the end of June, which is a horrible long time still. I really would like to write about more specific topics but they need preparation and time and that's nearly impossible right now because I really have to pass all of my exams in order to finally go abroad. I can tell you that after I officially finish school I'll set up an own youtube channel and I'd love to vlog about my moving out time and all the things and also about my time abroad because obviously this is a really big and exciting thing.
You just have to be patient, and me too.
In exactly 16 days I'll be in Edinburgh and in about two weeks I'll get everything done for my journey so I'll blog about that and also about the travel itself and then about my 10 days in Edinburgh. I really hope that I'll have lots of things to show you because I know that it would be more attracting to read.
Like I said, please be patient during the next two months because soon schoool's going to be over and right after that really awesome holidays start and I hope that they are going to be great even though we have no real plans yet. We'll figure all these things out soon and then I'll also have more time to spend with the blog and the vlogs.

I really hope that you'll come to my blog to read my entries even though they are not the best ones yet.

I'll leave you with a beautiful view over Edinburgh now and I'll go to sleep.

See you tomorrow! :)



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