Saturday, 15 March 2014

Rainy day

Sadly, the weather changed again, as I said it would, and it is raining all day long. Actually, rain is quite rare in Vienna and when it rains, it annoys me.
Anyways, mum and me and Noah went to some shops today and also bought lots of sweets and food in general, came back home and I am studying. It really annoys me so much already because I have no time left for myself and I am studying all day long.
As we bought 1 kg strawberries yesterday, I needed to eat them before they would get mouldy, so again my day is full of strawberries.
I bought myself some Lays and Haribos and Milkas and oatmeal and I can't decide on what to eat right now.
Also, I got myself a new hair conditioner as my last one is empty, and I hope that this one will work better than the Garnier one that I have and don't use. If not, I'll be very angry. The smell is amazing and it is said to contain three different oils so I was hoping that this will really help. We'll see tomorrow after I'll wash my hair.
Also, as the weather has changed, I have such a headache that I would like to sleep and relax, but nope- studying.

I hope you had a nicer day than I actually had, and that you're feeling better!
Let me know what kind of posts you'd like to read, so that I could write them when I'll have some free time :)




  1. like your lipsick pretty much :)))

    Hugs, Xenia

  2. Replies
    1. thank you very much! :) I like it so much, it's currently my favourite! :)