Monday, 17 March 2014

Leibniz biscuits!

Hi guys!
Again I am studying and I have no time for anything which annoys me so much. This week is horrible and I hope that next week I'll have a bit less to revise.
So I am still sitting in bed with my books open and all the copies and so on and of course I need a snack. Mum and me bought these biscuits on Saturday because they are new and we wanted to know if they taste good or not.

So here they are!

They have a caramel layer underneath the chocolate coat and they really taste good!
However, I think that you can't eat more of them at once because they are so sweet.
Still, I would recommend them because they are tasty, and we like tasty things :)
Now I'm heading back to my revision because it is getting late and I really have no time.
See you tomorrow! :*



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