Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Nothing but studying

Good evening friends!
I had my last French exam today and I feel relieved. Hopefully, I am going to passs!
In the afternoon we went to additional maths classes because we really need some help with this subject, as we are not the best and we don't want to fail. It was tiring after six hours of school, to have two more maths lessons. But alright, then I could finally start revising at about 7pm and it is past 10 pm right now. So I was trying my best because tomorrow we have a history test and we really can't say what we'll have to do. And I am scared because I really can't fail!
So, as I said the last days already, I am sorry that I couldn't upload any cool things but soon I will again and I hope that you're not angry with me. I hope you understand me. :)
Also, I was taking some pictures from yesterday on so hopefully I'll manage to do a "My week in pictures" post again on Friday :)
And I almost forgot, today was suuuch a beautiful day! It was actually so hot that I had to take off my jeans jacket and my cardigan because I was so hot. I really hope that the weather is going to be nicer the next days. Sadly, tomorrow it is said to be 19 degrees but it's probably going to rain. And rain is quite uncommon in Vienna, and I really don't like rain. But well, no way out!

You can also tell me what posts you'd like to see and I'd try to do my best!
Hope you had a lovely, stressfree day :)



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