Friday, 21 March 2014

Week update :)

Hello! :)
It is finally Friday again and I'll have two days of time to revise for my maths exam on Monday.
I can't stress myself and I have to stay calm.
I thought Fridays would be nice days to show my week in pictures. So I thought I could do this more often or even regularly from now on.
Again, this week was very stressful for me, with many hours of studying but I know that it'll be worth it and that after 23.06. it all is going to have an end.
I'll enjoy my summer holiday like never before, there will be such big changes and I can't wait anymore. And in order to make all my plans work, I need to work for it very hard now. And I know it.

So let's start with some impressions :)

OMG! Milka Oreo bars! So amazing :)

On Monday we went to a church in RE that was actually pink from the inside! So funny!

On Tuesday after school we went to Bortollotti, an ice cream salon and we had ice cream and such nice sandwiches before going to out extra maths lessons.

And here you can see what Vienna is like- there are very new builduings next to very old ones, quite disturbing.

My beautiful best friends, Nicole, Nina and Steffi <3 Oh god, I'll miss them so much after leaving Vienna! :'(

Sometimes I just like to have some tea with me, and as Nicole got me this superdruper cool Starbucks cup that you can reuse and get 30c off every drink when you bring it, I just like to carry it to school on more chilly days.

Thursday was a very long day, so I bought myself two Emmi Caffe latte with caramel taste, and I just love these! But after drinking two of them in 3 hours, my belly didn't feel to relaxed anymore sadly.

Today Nicole(blue with hearts), Nina(coral) and I(black) had skirts on and it was so hot outside and it was so summery that in our opinion it could stay this way already, but it is said that this weekend and the next week should be colder again? Who knows.

Today after school before going to our extra maths lessons we went to Vapiano for a nice lunch but the girls forced me to eat my whole pasta bowl ( which was sooo amazing!), but it was really too much for me and although we had lunch at 2pm and it is 7 pm already, my belly still hurts and I feel sick.

Also, it's very cool to call a chocolate cake "Death by chocolate"
The four girls of us are addicted to chocolate and someday we could maybe die due to chocolate overdoes ;) But we can eat A LOT of chocolate and Nutella!

My beauty Nicole and my beauty Nina in the background, trying to desperately get some money. This was a problem once because she had no money on her card and couldn't even get 10 Euros :D We still keep laughing about it :D Poor Nina!
And yes, Nina is wearing shoes in this picture :D

And we look actually quite tired after studying from 8 am to 5pm :(
But only some weeks left and we'll be beautiful again! :)

I hope you enjoyed the week update and that you had a nice week.

Hopefully, I'll write tomorrow again :)
Enjoy your weekend! :*



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