Saturday, 1 March 2014

February Collective Haul!

Hello dear redaers! :)
It's so sunny today, and it looks like it would be so hot but somehow it isn't :(
But since I am staying home with my family anyways, this doesn't annoy me too much. I promised to show you what I bought this month and now I have finally time to do this, so here we go:

So here are the things I bought, and the black cardigan that is shown below was bought some days ago.

Here are some washing products, my favourite Carex soap that I've always used in Scotland, but could never find it in Vienna. I finally found it in Poland in Tesco and had to buy it! The Naturia peeling is actually available in every Polish drugstore, and as I've had them for a couple of years now, I needed a new one. And the Bioderma face wash was bought in a Polish pharmacy as my old one was nearly empty.

The next two products are my Golden Rose black matte nail Polish I also bought in Poland in a shopping centre, and the Astor lipbalm that I actually bought here in Vienna, some days ago.

This category is called "home stuff". As you can see, the girls in my class bought themselves these reusable Starbucks cups, which are cool, because when it's cold outside in the morning, you can take your tea or coffee with you. The Princess cup and the baking books were shown in this post already. 

The sweater was bought in Stradivarius in Poland, the top is from Bershka and also from Poland. The heart midi ring is from Brandy Melville.

This is again something new for my hair, that mum and me bought in a Polish pharmacy.

Here is the cardigan that I wore already a couple of times, so you've probably seen it already.

And this was everything I bought in February, I hope you enjoyed it, and you can leave a comment behind if you want to, you can follow me on bloglovin as well! :)

I wish you a nice weekend! :)



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