Friday, 14 March 2014

Empties again!

Good afternoon girls and boys!
The weather today is amazing, we have 24 degrees in Vienna, it feels like summer, the sun is shining and this weather makes me so happy! But sadly tomorrow it is said to be colder again, but fine.
I had my last English exam today, apart from my finals, and I still have to study for so many other things!
Today I'll show you some smaller products I've used in the last couple of days and tell you again if I'd recommend them or not. The first empties entry is here if you want to see it :)

Ok, so number one is my lovely Nashi Argan hair conditioner. I've used it maybe over a month and I really like it because it makes my hair less frizzier after I blowdry them. I like this product and I'd love to have this again but as it is so expensive, I sadly can't afford to buy it over and over again. Now I need to buy a new hair conditioner as I have none left anymore. I will say that I'll buy it again if I had the money for it so: WOULD REPURCHASE

This product was shown in the last empties already, I like it and I can't complain about it. :WILL REPURCHASE

About nail polish removers I was also talking already, I don't care which one I use and we've had this one often already, so : WILL REPURCHASE

My lovely Essie Nr 24 nail polish can't be used anymore as it got really sticky and there is not even much left, but I loved this and one day I'll surely come back to it! It has such a nice consistence, like all the Essie polishes and the colour is beautiful too! : WOULD REPURCHASE

Oh dear, the Vaseline. This one was my first one ever bought and I got it from Boots when I was in Cambridge. This was already two years ago and I've been using this product literally every day and I just couldn't finish it off so that it made me angry already because I have so many other Vaseline's that I couldn't use because I told myself to use this one first before opening another one. And now, after two whole years I managed to finish it off, for the price of about two pounds I really recommend this one. The smell is awesome and it makes my lips soft. When I'll use all of my other Vaselines I will say: WILL REPURCHASE

This product was also in my last empties, a product I've been using over years over and over again. : WILL REPURCHASE

This one is a little Louis Widmer body lotion that is really creamy like Nivea, but it moisturises my skin and I think that I would buy it in a bigger size one day. : WOULD REPURCHASE

This is a Louis Widmer face cleanser and I have to say that it smells like hospital and alcohol and you can smell it as it is on your face obviously. But I liked to use this after my Bioderma and it still took off some face dirt, whatever you want to call it. The smell is sadly a negative thing for me so: WILL NOT REPURCHASE

This was a test size of the Neutrogena body lotion for very dry skin that I found in my whole stuff and I thought it would be more liquidy but in fact it was like Nivea. However, I have to say that it did moisture my skin very nciely and on the next day I could still feel it. Especially in winter I think this could be a real saviour! So if I'll be running out of body lotion which I am not yet, I will buy this in a full size. : WOULD REPURCHASE

Also, I could find lots of these Nivea body lotions and I've used three on three days in a row on my legs and they were really soft and I think this should also be a nice lotion for everyday: WOULD REPURCHASE

Again a test size of the Maybelline Dream Pure 8 in 1 BB cream that I found somewhere. I tried this out once and I have to say that normally I never use BB creams or foundation but I was just wondering if this would look nice and somehow it was nice so maybe one day if I decide to use BB creams this will be the first one I'd buy. : WOULD REPURCHASE

And here we have a skin mask and it is from Nivea, originally there were two parts of it but the first one I used already some time ago. I totally love face masks and this was also working nicely with my skin so I'd repurchase this one more often.: WILL REPURCHASE

So, these were my used products from the last month, I don't know when the next empties will come but they will!

And now look at this: 
I could survive eating an drinking only these things, trust me!
They are so tasty that I buy them nearly every day! I just love strawberries and smoothies!

Have a nice weekend, don't forget to let me know if you used these products and if yes, did you like them or not?



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