Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Princess castle found?

Good evening!
I know, it is late and I am really sorry but I am so busy that I just couldn't find the time to write.
I've been chatting with Amina, a friend of mine and we were laughing at many things and it was so nice :)
I just washed my hair and need to revise for my chemistry test which is tomorrow and I also have to print out some geography copies for my class.

So I just found something nice that I could show you.
As Eryk and I don't see each other too often, he always writes me cute messages into my calendars or planners so that I can read a new message every few days or every week for example. And we've been doing this for like two years now and it makes me so happy because I'm never allowed to read what he's writing and where and then when time goes by I just find the messages randomly and they are always so cute and they make me smile and feel special.
Today I'll show you just some of them because there are way too many of them to show them all :)

PS: I also had some nice porridge with bananas and cinnamon <3

Ok, here you can see my cute planner that I just totally love! I got it from Eryk last summer <3

:) In there you can find little games (and I always win!)

kiss areas :)

areas with perfume on :)

and the message I found today is this cute thing! OMG! This is so cute! It makes me smile so much!
I have the best boyfriend ever <3
And I can't wait to arrive at Edinburgh Airport already!
So soon! And oh god, it is my birthday in exactly a month!



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