Sunday, 23 March 2014

Chocolate heaven

Good evening girls!
Again, this is a very quick and short post because I still need to revise a bit for my very important maths exam tomorrow.

I've been studying during the whole day and I am so exhausted already but I'll sit down for an hour and finish everything off as I really want to pass tomorrow.

So as I've made some breaks, I felt like I need a nice cup of hot chocolate and last weekend me and mum bought some really nice one and I wanted to test it, so here we go:

I had my PJ's on all day long because I had no other plans than studying maths.

Here are all the things I used for the nice chocolate

Here is my gigantic Starbucks mug...

As you can see, it REALLY is gigantic...

Heat your milk up a bit...

Add some spoons of chocolate powder...


Add some cinnamon...

Add some Nesquick syrup...

Stir again and you're done!

Yesterday my mum made some nice salad with noodles, rice, cheese, ham,pineapple and mayonnaise. I like it, but I pick all the ham and pineapple bits out, because I don't like them.

Good nighty! :*

Oh god, so soon! <3


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