Sunday, 2 March 2014

We are the wild youth

Hello readers!
Today my family headed home again and now it is quite quiet here without children playing and shouting and fighting, but it is also less stressful. Noah and dad went for a bike ride some hours ago and didn't come home yet. I started studying and fell asleep, so after 20 minutes I woke up, just as I always did. And suddenly I fell asleep again before even getting up! This is crazy, I slept for over an hour and I have so much to study! The weather was so beautiful today and tomorrow there will be no sun again, says the weather forcast, but who knows. The weather is changing during the day, which is crazy. And when weather changes, I feel really terrible. It is really bad, right now. I can't even think clearly. But fine, music. Music helps always.
So I grabbed some yoghurt, orange juice, sat down in my bed, turned on the music and started writing.
I am listening to this beautiful song right now. It is so calm and so realxing, but it also makes me very happy, even though it is a sad song. I think the lyrics are so beautiful and the music itself as well. It is just a perfect song. And I know some of them, and these are the songs I can listen to for YEARS and I will still think they are perfect.
Generally, this is not my only favourite genre of music, as I really like rock. I was twelve when I started listening to Indie Rock and Rock and Metal later on. I don't know why, but it fascinates me and this is what I listen to every morning I go to school because it wakes me up, it makes me feel alive. It is hard to describe and people who don't listen to this kind of music won't understand this, but rock songs have the most beautiful lyrics! It is nothing like the music on the radio, it is music that personally I call real music. I don't tell anyone to listen to my music because everyone should listen to the music they like. I am not telling people to like my music, just to understand why I like it. To me, these songs just make sense, I can understand them, I can understand the feelings and I can even cry to rock songs, more than to any other ones! And I am not into heavy metal or such stuff, but I really like bands like Bring me the Horizon, Asking Alexandria, and System of a Down, even if System of a Down have mostly the heaviest songs of these three bands.
This is my opinion on music, and I'd love to hear what your opinion on music is. Let me know, I'll be happy!

It is my biggest hobby to sing and of course I would love to have a beautiful voice, I am always singing along to my favourite songs. Even the ones that I'll never sing beautifully, which are the ones from Florence and the Machine, because she is just a goddess and she will always be my favourite singer and she'll always fascinate me with her voice and her lyrics. Perfect.
There are days when I stand in my room with the music on very loud and I just sing. Louder than the music can be heard outside my room. Trust me. It just helps me to feel good, better in some situations. Singing makes me happy.

Shadows settle on the place, that you left. 

Our minds are troubled by the emptiness. 
Destroy the middle, it's a waste of time. 
From the perfect start to the finish line. 

I hope you are not angry with me that today it turned out to be such a blog post, but I don't have anything to show today. And this is just how I feel, so I wanted to share this little thought with you.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that you feel good! :)



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