Sunday, 16 March 2014

Lazy weekend

Hello my readers!
It is Sunday already and it's slowly getting late. I've been studinyg for the last five hours and I still didn't finish. I have no time at all and I am stressed.
But I need to post something, so I'll show you just some weekend pictures :)

So this was my yesterday's make-up. I finally know how to apply the Rimmel Apocalips lipgloss so that it doesn't annoy me because of the smell.However, first I thought that I'd like the red colour more, but no! I totally love this one! It is kind of a dark pink/light purple colour and it looks so nice! I really love it!

I was wearing a plain light green H&M top, my H&M cardigan and my cobalt blue Bershka skinny jeans. Also my loved "cat socks" like Eryk and I call them. Actually, he bought them for me in Edinburgh when I bought the Vans but had no appropirate socks for them. And these have cat faces on the toe section and I think they are so cute :3

I had this bag with me and here's what was inside:

I had my favourite FOSSIL purse, my phone and some smoothie thingy.

As I said yesterday already, it was a rainy and grey day. It wasn't cold but rainy and windy and this is not cool! Today it is grey as well and very windy bu now there is a tiiiiiny bit of sun. 

Yesterday's strawberry portion :D

Yesterday I bought this yoghurt that tastes like bananas and vanilla and I thought I'd like it, but sadly I couldn't eat all of it because I really don't like the taste of it :(
So I made myself some porridge :)

That's everything for today, I hope you forgive me, but I really have no time to blog about a special topic.



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