Thursday, 20 March 2014

My OOTD 19

Good evening dear people!
I am so tired and I don't want to go to school anymore. I'm saying this everyday right now, but really, it's horrible.
So I'll do a quick update- today you'll see my outfit.
It was suuuper warm today and I had my jeans jacket with me because I had to leave at 7:20 and I came home at 19:20 so you see, I was scared that I'd be freezing in the morning and in the evening.
But actually I wore the jacket only in the morning. So here we go!

I loved this shirt once so much and I wore it so often  but somehow it got lost in my wardrobe and I just found it today in the morning, so I thought I'd wear it after a looong time again.
It is from H&M and has a beautiful sugar skull, and I am obsessed with sugar skulls!

Also I wore my H&M skater skirt, my H&M cardigan, my black Vans and black thights but in 40 den. And usually i always have 100 den so I wasn't used to these thights because they are very thin and I prefer the total black ones.
And as I said, the jeans jacket and my GABS bag were with me all day long.

Hope you had a nice day, and tomorrow is Friday again! Woohoo!
This week went by soooo quickly! OMG!



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