Monday, 10 March 2014

Pinky Princess sweets?

Hello! :)

As I bought these chocolates for my mum on the weekend I thought I would write a bit about them because they are new. There are also coconut ones but I thought that my mum would prefer the strawberry flavour.

The colour of the packaging is just super cute!

I think that there are ten such pralines inside and the are wrapped in such cute paper!

They look like this when you open them up, white chocolate with some creamy filling and strawberry yoghurt taste.

However, I have to say that Lindt chocolate is always way too sweet for me and after one of these I can't eat more because they just make me feel sick sadly. :(

So, I am not a big fan of those, but my mum actually is, and I thought that I'll give them a try because I thought that they wouldn't be so sweet as they are supposed to taste like strawberries so I thought they would taste a bit refreshing or something like that, but they are just like all the other Lindt chocolate things- very sweet and very creamy.
If you like such things, go and try them out! :)

PS: Oh dear, today Eryk and me have our 25th monthsary! I think that's amazing! <3



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