Monday, 24 March 2014

WoodWick, my love!

Good evening!
Today I took my time to relax after this maths exam because I was already so exhausted that I couldn't think properly anymore. And on days like this one I just like to listen to some nice music; to Florence and the Machine, Daughter, and so on and to eat something nice, and what can't be missing- candles.
Candles are burning in my room nearly constantly and sometimes I am even scared that I'd forget to blow them off and I'd go to sleep and my house would burn down. Yes, I think like this. But I just love scented candles and I could buy new ones everyday. As I've gotten a WoodWick candle for Christmas, which I showed already in the Christmas Gift post, I've burnt it so often. It has a really fresh, fruity but also very comforting scent and the WoodWick candles have "pluswick" that gives more fragrance, a better burn and they make a crackling noise and the flame crackles all the time, like in a fireplace. It's so lovely!
And what also needs to be said, you have to get used to the sound first because it is really the sound of something burning and this could make you panic, but don't worry, if you treat the candle right, nothing is going to happen!
Also a nice thing is that the candle comes with a wooden lid which is nice because no dust or any other particles will get inside the candle which would make it burn worse.
I really love this candle and I just said to my mum that after this one has finished burning, I'll need to buy a new one for sure. Also, I still have more than half of it left so I don't think that I'd buy a new one before moving out, but surely I will buy many scented candles from Yankee Candle and of course WoodWick to create a nice atmosphere around the house.
Do you have WoodWick candles? If yes, what are your favourite fragrances? :)



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