Friday, 7 March 2014

Lovely fragrances

I am a person that normally uses one fragrance over and over again. But once I find another one that I like, I can't decide which one to use. So when I was younger my favourite fragrance was Elizabeth Arden- Green tea. Actually I still love this scent and I would still use it if I had it, but I don't. Then I discovered a perfume that reminds me of the Green tea one. I think, that they are quite similar and that's probably why I started buying the new one. It is the Adidas- Happy game body fragrance. I think I bought my first bottle in Poland because I could never find it in Vienna. Over some period it was finally available here and I got one for Christmas, and then I bought it again and after that I couldn't find it anywhere again. This really annoyed me because I got so used to this fragrance, I love it, it smells like green tea and it smells very freshly. I always feel fresh when I put it on, it is just an energising scent I think. One day me and my dad drove to Parndorf, which is in Austria and it is built like a small village, but it is a designer outlet actually. And there you can find an Adidas store, so we wanted to see what they have there AND FINALLY I found my favourite perfume there! This bottle contains 75ml which is quite a lot I think and I always use a small amount of it because it is already very intense. In every drugstore I bought it earlier, this amount costed about 12 Euros. Well, the Adidas shop sells this amount for only 5 Euros! I thought it would have the regular price so I grabbed a bottle and bought it. While paying it turned out that it costs soo much less and my dad asked me why I didn't buy more bottles at once then, but I wasn't really thinking about this, so I got only one. I am really happy because I know that I can still get it there, even though I don't use it too often now.
In the Easter holidays 2013, me, Eryk and his sister Karina went on a shopping day in Poland and we decided to go to Douglas. And there we found the Escada- Cherry in the air perfume! Oh god. We fell in love with it immediately but it was so expensive that we didn't want to buy it at this time. A week later Karina got the 30ml from a friend and I went to drugstores to smell it where ever I could. And then it was my birthday and my boyfriend sent me some money to buy it myself because he wanted to get it for me but didn't want to send it as this could be quite risky. I was so happy to have it finally after a month of smelling it everywhere! Actually, I got a 50ml bottle and I finished it off just before Christmas, so my dad decided to buy it for me. He wanted to get me a 100ml bottle which costs 72 Euros, but the ads always said that this perfume was a limited edition so I really wanted it. For Christmas I didn't get the 100ml bottle because we couldn't find it anywhere, but instead I got the 50ml which is also great. I used maybe one fifth of it right now co I think that I'll get another one for my birthday, hopefully. :)
When I was on summer holidays in Poland me and my cousin Kinga went to a local shop and found the AVON body mist collection which you normally can only buy online, so I needed to have one of them because Kinga always bought them and I never had them. So I bought the cherry blossom one and I love it so much! It is so refreshing, it is not sticky or anything. It has a plastic bottle which is great because I like to take it with me on journeys without being scared that it will break. It is also a 100ml bottle, which is awesome. I bought it in August, one day before leaving to Scotland and I still have half of it, so it is really great. Next time I'll be in Poland I need to buy it again! It has such a nice sweet, cherry smell!
And the last fragrance I have is the Taylor Swift- Wonderstruck one. Actually I bought it because it is sooooo tiny and it just looks so cute! It is a 15ml bottle which I find great to have in your bag or on trips. The smell is also very sweet but not really refreshingly sweet, it is more of a heavy scent to be honest. But I still think that it is great. I think the size is just so handy, the design is beautiful and the scent is also nice, so I am happy to have it. I can't remember when I bought this one but I think it was in September 2013 probably, and I still have more than half of it left.

Hello :)

Nailsies, Golden Rose Nr. 353, which is a metallic black colour

Cardigan, skirt and thights are from H&M, shirt from Stradivarius
I also wore Vans and my H&M winter jacket.

Have a nice weekend people! :*



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