Friday, 7 March 2014

February Favourites

I know that it is already March, but March is only one week old so I think that I can still upload this post. And this post is my first "Favourites" one, so I picked the things that I used very often in February. Of course I could have added all of my beauty products that I use because they all are my favourite ones, but I picked just the most used ones.

Ok, so here you can see that I picked five things, so let's start! :)

1) I wrote about this product already here, but it is one of my favourite products because I always buy new peelings from this range because they are amazing smelling and they do a nice job and they are cheap!

2)  This lip balm is from Yves Rocher and it smells like raspberries. I got it for my birthday last year from my friend Nicole and she also got me a cocoa nut one which was THE BEST LIP BALM I've ever had! I got it in April and it was gone by the end of August. Such a sad story. But when I'll finish all my lip balms I'll buy it again! The raspberry one tints your lips slightly and it has such an amazing smell! I didn't use it until some days ago because I wanted to use my Vaseline first. 

3) Then we have the Nashi Argan Conditioner and I mentioned this product already here. I didn't use it at first because I still had my Timotei conditioner, but as it is empty now, I grabbed this and I totally love it! Such a pity it's such a small bottle! But it actually makes my hair greasy after two days which I am not too happy about, but my hair looks quite nice after I use this baby.

4) My big Bioderma was mentioned here, and I said that I love this product. It is sad that it is so expensive, but I had it for a very long time so I think that it is worth the price. I normally use wipes to remove make up but there are days when I just want to use my Bioderma. 

5) And the last product is a simple Nivea cream. I've never used Nivea creams before in fact, but when I was in Scotland, my lips were very dry and Eryk's mum gave me her Bambino cream, which is basically a Polish Nivea for children. And she said that she has been using it for years already for her lips and that there is nothing better than it. And I used it for a couple of days and it was really working well. I didn't want to take the big tin with me by airplane. I always forgot about it, but some days ago I was organising my beauty products and I found this tiny tin of Nivea with Rihanna ( I don't like Rihanna but I got this tin somewhere for free) , so I remembered that she told me about Nivea for dry lips and I started using it this way. This size is really practical because it really fits into every handbag and I like to have it around because my lips are always dry and sometimes even lip balms won't help. But this is just an amazing medicine for my lips!

These were my five favourite products of February, I hope you won't get angry with me that I am uploading this post so late, but I really had no time to do it earlier.

Let me know what your favourite products were! :)



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