Saturday, 8 March 2014

Mascara Tests and Reviews!

Yesterday I was filming videos about eight mascaras that I own, just to see how they look like and how the application is and so on. So now that I have these videos, I can write a post with my mascara reviews! :)

So let's start with a mascara from Dior, the Diorshow Waterproof. It has a beautiful design fromt he outside, a brush with normal hair, so not a plastic brush, and the brush is also very big. The colour is 090, which is black, and it contains 11,5 ml. This mascara makes my lashes longer with just one coat, which you can really see, but it doesn't curl them really, wich means that you can see the lashes more from the side, than from the front. And I am still waiting for a mascara that will actually keep my lashes up, because they are so heavy, that the won't stay curled, they always go flat after some seconds, even if I use the lash curler- no hope!

The second mascara is from Clarins, the Wonder Perfect Mascara, in colour 01, which also is black. It contains 7 ml and the design is very plain, just gold with the name written in a red colour on it. The brush is very thin compared to the Diorshow mascara, and it also has very short hair, and it is also not made of plastic. This formula is really sticky, which means that it is hard to use it on your lashes in order to have o clumps, and it doesn't make my lashes really longer, just darker and thicker. This mascara was very hard to remove because my face was BLACK ALL OVER. I couldn't get it off because it was everywhere and so sticky and not cool.

On the left side we have the Diorshow mascara and on the right side the Clarins wonder perfect mascara.

The third mascara is from Estée Lauder, the MagnaScopic Maximum Volume Mascara. The design is quite nice, the brush is again made of natural hair and it is really thin, but long. And the colour is 01 Black. This mascara makes my lashes longer and thicker and I think that it is actually a good mascara. I don't know why I didn't use it for ages? 

Here is the MagnaScopic mascara right after applying it.

The fourth mascara is from Avon, the Mega effects mascara. And this one came out last summer and was such an innovation that I had to buy it because of the design. I really like how it looks like. The colour is called blackest black and it contains 9ml. The problem with this mascara is that there is lots of the formula on the brush when you pull it out and it is more liquidy than most of the mascaras. Also, it doesn't dry very quickly and it likes to "glue" your lashes together. It makes my lashes a bit longer but it is too weak to keep my lashes up. I would say that this mascara is more suitable for girls with thinner and lighter lashes. It is also more difficult to use it, than all the other regular mascaras because of the innovative brush. The brush is made of plastic this time!

On the left side, MagnaScopic and on the right side Avon Mega effects.

The fifth mascara is also from Avon, it's the Super extend extreme mascara. It contains 7ml and the colour is black. It looks interesting from the outside, the brush is made of plasticm it has a thinner and a thicker side and it is also long. I like to use this mascara for my lower lashes because it is also too weak to keep my upper lashes in shape, and it makes my lashes really long. 

The sixh mascara is from Maybelline New York, it is called Mega Plush Volum' Express mascara, and the reason why I bought it, is because of the design ( I just love the colours!) and because it was still unavailable in Vienna and Poland. I finally bought it in Scotland last summer. The brush is again hairy and the shape of it is like an ellipse i would say. It contains 9,6ml of mascara and the colour is Very Black. I was quite disappointed because the yellow ones from Maybelline are said to be so good and I was hoping that this one would be at least just as good as the older ones. Actually is is liquidy, comparable to the Avon Mega Effects one and it likes to clump your lashes together. It does make my lashes longer but again it doesn't keep them up and it also doesn't really make them thicker. After two coats they get thicker but sadly not longer

On the left we have Avon super extend extreme and on the right Maybelline Mega plush.

The seventh mascara is from Estée Lauder again, now it is the Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara. It looks very nice, the rosegold colour and the dark blue accents look so luxurious. It contains 6ml and is number 01 Black. The brush is long and with natural hair, and it gets thinner towards the end. This mascara makes my lashes also very long, just like the other one from Estée Lauder, so I am happy with how only one coat looks like already.

And now the last mascara, which is my favourite, I got it in August and I still use it ( and I am using mascara every day) so I can say that it really remains for a long time. First I was a bit sceptical but then I was nicely surprised. It is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycraflex Mascara in the colour 001 black and it contains 12ml. The brush is huge and made out of natural hair again. This mascara doesn't make my lashes as long as the Estée Lauder ones but this mascara actually makes my lashes stay up all day long and it adds them volume which also looks nice.

On the left we have the Sumpuous mascara and on the right the Scandaleyes. 
If you watch my blog post pictures you can actually see my lashes often and in every picture I used the Scandaleyes mascara, but I think I'll finish this one off in some days and start using the Estée Lauder ones and my second Scandaleyes mascara as well.

So from now on my favourite mascaras are:

Estée Lauder MagnaScopic, Estée Lauder Sumptuous and still my Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara :)

I hope that this post helped you, especially when you want to try out new mascaras, but are not sure if it is worth buying them. 



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