Thursday, 13 March 2014

My OOTD 18 and instant noodles!

Good eveniing people!
I am so busy that I don't even find time to post entries anymore, I am really sorry about that!
So here is a quick update:
I got a 2 on my Latin exam and in Austria the best grade you can get is a 1 and the worst one, which means you failed is a 5. So I am so happy because I've never been that good in Laton and it was also my last Latin exam in my entire life!
Tomorrow I'll have my English exam and I am revising all text sorts as I don't know what text I'll need to write tomorrow, I am quite scared to get the mixed up and fail. :(
Now I am sitting in my bed and revising and I am hungry so I made myself my favourite instant noodles Eryk and I always buy in Poland. They are so amazing and I have only one portion left which is very tragic as I am going to be in Poland in May the next time. So I'll quickly show you my outfit from today and my noodles.
Also, it was soooo warm today that I wore my jeans jacket in the morning, but in the afternoon I only had my cardigan, which was still too much. So here we go :)

I am wearing H&M cardigan, top, skirt and black thights. Also I wore my Levi's jeans jacket and my black Vans. I also had kind of a navy scarf with some tiny flowers.

I also wore this nice necklace today.

My favourite cheese and herbs instant noodles <3

And this is how I spend my days after school lately. It's making me crazy, but fine. Only some weeks left.

Have a nice night and keep your fingers crossed for my exam!