Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sunday Strawberry Breakfast

Good mornig world!
I was trying to sleep longer to have more power for the next week, and so I woke up after 11 am. Now I  made myself a delicious breakfast that I could basically have every single day if I had time to eat such an amount of food in the morning.
 As you may expect from the title, this breakfast is based on strawberries.

A baked roll( I am crazy about these!!) with some awesome straberry jam, porrige with three strawberries without sugar, cinnamon or other stuff. A bowl full of delicious strawberries and for desert- a Lindt praline with strawberry taste.

So I hope you're having a nice Sunday, because in Vienna it is very sunny and yesterday it was really warm and today we have 9 degrees in the shadow which isn't too bad. 
Actually, Eryk and me were talking about a plan yesterday, a thing that we have been planning on for ages already and we hope that it is going to come true in April. We don't know yet if it is going to be possible, but we'll try our best! I am so excited! So soon already!



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