Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Long distance relationships

Today I want to tell you something about love. Love is something that maybe everybody descibes in a different way. Different people have other expectations about how a perfect relationship should look like. And today I want to tell you what is important to me.
So, I've always said that I would never ever be in a long distance relationship to every guy I met outside Austria. I knew it wouldn't work and I thought that such a thing wouldn't probably make any sense. I've never been in a serious, long relationship either so I ignored relationships for a while. I went on summer holidays, which I always spend in Poland, and one day I felt so bad, I was sad and me and my cousin decided to leave the village where we've been for over a month, at my grannys house, to have some quiet days from all the stress and so on. We packed our bags for three days and our aunt drove us to her house, which is only two villages apart from the one my granny lives in. Right in the first afternoon, we were sitting together in the garden, and relaxing, my aunt told us to put on some make up, nice clothes and she would take some pictures of us. So, we were totally into it, and we were happier at this moment already. While I was standing in the garden, it started to rain and I just didn't care. I stood there, and suddenly four guys on bikes passed the fence. One of them was making fun of me, but I just thought he was SO sexy. I literally was amazed, and my cousin as well. We've never seen this guy before and we wanted to find out who he was. We went home to put some warmer clothes on and when we came out again, we realised the guys were sitting in the garden, just next to ours! So, one of the guys turned out to be an old friend of mine and he recognised me, telling us to come over later when we'd like to. So, we just had to put on some nicer clothes and to fix our make up and off we went. The four guys were, the old friend I knew already, two guys living in Ireland, and Eryk. And Eryk was the guy making fun of me the very first time he's seen me. I wanted to spend time with him, and so we stayed until 1 am, when my mum came over to pick us up, because she thought we went to total strangers, and she wanted to make sure we're alright. We were, we had such an amazing time, I've met the funniest, lovliest, most intelligent guy in the world. I was happy to know him, and I thought we'd see each other more often now that he lives in Poland. Wrong. It turned out that he lives in Scotland and I really didn't know what to do. But it was summer and I wanted to be happy. We couldn't fall asleep because we were so fascinated by Eryk. The next morning, it was about 8, my mum woke us up and said that the boys were already waiting. We looked out of the window and went crazy! Clothes, make up, breakfast to go and we were with the boys already. This time it was only Eryk and the old friend. Eryk said that they'd missed us and wanted to spend another day with us. So again, this day was amazing and I was sad to say goodbye to Eryk, as he had his flight home a day later. From that day, I was friends with him on Facebook and on Skype. We talked to each other every single day, we got to know each other just as if we'd been together all summer long. And so, six months later we decided to go to Poland and meet up again. And believe it or not, we started going out. We were in love, we knew it would work, and that we are meant for each other, even though 2000 kilometres were between us. And so we managed to see each other every two to three months, sometimes we even had to wait for a longer time, but we didn't stop talking on Skype, we were together all the time. And we still are, two and a half years after we first met on holidays, in Eryk's grannys garden, which is my aunts neighbours garden. Now I know, that this is the only boy I can be in a long distance relationship with, because he takes it very seriously. He is the most caring boy I've ever met. I know that he loves me and would do everything to make me happy. He makes me the happiest I've ever been, even though we can't see each other every day. The most important things in such a relationship are hope, happiness, loyality, trusting your partner and making the best of every second. We knew we wouldn't be separated for ever, only for the time we both need to go to school. We always said we would move together after school and live like a normal couple. And I still can't believe that this year actually came, where this will happen. I am so happy to have Eryk in my life.
And the thing I want to tell you is that if you REALLY love a person, so much that it sometimes even hurts, then you will accept every distance, if you know, that there is going to come the time, where you're going to be together. You have to stay strong, and believe in your relationship. Try to have no conflicts, try to stay in touch as much as possible and use every second you can.
Eryk loves challenges. I took this picture on the evening we got to know each other. Eryk wanted to see how pickles taste with cocoa powder. It tasted awful, but it was just hilarious to see him trying not to throw up next to us :D

And this picture was taken in February, our first meeting after the summer we met the very first time. It makes me smile every time when I see how happy we were. <3



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