Saturday, 29 March 2014

March Favourites

March will be over in two days and it is time to do my March Favourites!
Tomorrow I'll upload the March Collective Haul if you're interested :)

I found some products that I totally love this month and I wanted to share them with you :)

Here we go!

1) This product will be shown tomorrow as well because it is a new one. This is a huge container of Body Shop body butter. It contains 400ml of awesome satsuma smell! I am the person that has very dry skin but hates applying body lotion every single day. But once I got this product I've been using it regularly every evening on my legs before going to bed. And I can really say that I could still smell it on the next day! I've used maybe 1/4 of it by now and I am really happy with this product. It is not so suitable for travelling but for having it next to your bed it is really nice.

2) This amazing bath float I got from my Eryk for Christmas. I had no opportunity to use it until March because I always take quick shoers and don't take long baths. But lately I liked having a bit of water in the bath tub and putting a handful of the float in it so it foams up nicely and smells good. I've been doing this nearly every day now nearly half of it is nearly gone. :( But I am sure I'd repurchase this product once I have the opportunity. I really like the smell and the foam, it just makes me feel relaxed after a long day.

3) And now let's continue with the Rimmel Apocalips gloss. In my lip stick/ tinted lip gloss post I said that I really can't wear these lipglosses because of the smell. But I thought that this purple colour would be too amazing to not use it at all. So now I am applying a veeeery thin layer to my lips so that it isn't glossy but matte and dries in a short time. It stays on your lips this way for a very long time and it fades away really evenly so I am not scared that my lips would look really horrible after five hours. Wearing only a thin layer the smell fades away once it dried on your lips so I can live with that now. And I love the colour! I've been using it nearly every day lately.

4) I also started using the Nashi Argan spray conditioner as I've bought a new conditioner that you don't leave in your hair after washing it. It isn't as good as the Nashi argan one so I started using the Garnier one after washing my hair and the spray Nashi argan one before blow drying it and it makes my hair softer and id doesn't look that frizzy. The only negative thing about it is that it makes my hair greasy faster and I don't really enjoy this. But all in all it is a really good spray conditioner.

5) Then I also started using the Estée Lauder Sumptuous mascara I found out to be really good while doing the mascara reviews. I've been keeping this one in my beauty bag but I never used it because I thought it wasn't that good. Oh my god. This is the best mascara I've ever used! I'm really scared to finish it in a very short time because they are really expensive and I don't think that I'd repurchase one so quickly. I love this one though.

6) Also a thing I've been keeping for months now, never using it is the Nivea cream. I rememer being in Scotland and having very dry lips. Eryk's mum gave me her Bambino cream which is basically the same like the Nivea one and it worked really good! So I started using the Nivea cream on my lips like all the time and it is only a 10ml container and it'll be gone probably in 2 weeks so after coming back from Scotland or even being in Scotland I'll have to buy a new one. But it is really working better than many other lip products I've used so far, and you can believe me, it was A LOT!

7) And the last thing for this month is some Pantene baby oil. I've been doing this a long time ago because of my dry skin, but forgot about it. After getting out of the shower I apply a small amount of the oil on my body and then rub the rest away with a towel. It makes your skin soft in seconds and that's exactly what I need. The only negative thing about this is that it can be a bit messy and you have to be careful because if you spill the oil on your clothes you'll have not cool grease stains. But it is really working nice if you use it the way I do!

These were my March favourites, and I wanted to add one more product to this months edition but I wasn't sure as it is my stretch mark cream and I can't see any results yet so I'll include it in the next months edition and you'll see what I think about it! :)

I hope you enjoyed it and that I maybe helped you with some decisions.
Have a nice weekend and don't forget to come back tomorrow to see what I bought this month!



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