Wednesday, 5 March 2014

My OOTD 17 and cat obsession!

Hello everybody! Today we have nice sunshine again which is awesome, and I also had only four hours of school today which is even better!
I wanted to show you my outfit, as this one wasn't shown here yet and maybe you'll like it. :)

I am wearing an H&M cardigan, an H&M skaterdress with a wild cat, Reserved leggings and a Zara plat belt. I also wore my Vans, my H&M winter jacket and my GABS handbag. My hair looks the same like it did yesterday and I like this hairstyle even though it is destroyed after some hours already on my hair :(
I also had a black flowery bow on the back in my hair.

Look at my eye colour when the sun is shining! My eye colour changes so much dependant on the light. If it is really bright light, they are green with yellow circles, in sun light they are light brown and in normal light they are dark brown.

My beautiful bag, as you can see is here too :)

I've been obsessed with cats all my life, so yes, I needed to buy this :)

Hope you like the look, of course you can let me know if you want to :)

Now I'll have some tasty lunch as I am really hungry already.
Have a nice day! :*



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