Thursday, 6 March 2014

The advantages of having a little brother


As I have a brother, aged four and a half, I could experience lots of funny things. And todaz I want to share some impressions of having a child at home, at least how it looks like in my situation. :)

So, Noah is REALLY obsessed with popcorn. We always have popcorn at home because you never know when he's going to want it.
As you can see, or maybe not, because you don't know how my home looks like, Noah and Lili were eating popcorn sitting on the floor in the hall. Not even on the sofa or somewhere normal people would eat, nope. On the floor in the hall.

Everytime I wear these socks, and this is always when I wear my Vans, Noah comes over and covers my foot so it won't get cold. So cute!

Also, my jewelry is never safe I always have to hide it because the necklaces always get lost in my carpet when he plays with them.

Did you ever party so hard that you actually cut your knee while running into a chest at the nursery? Well, I didn't, but Noah actually did some days ago. This cut lookes actually quite bad and my mum played the doctor and made the "surgery", hopefully this cut will heal quickly. Actually, he has also a cut right between his eyes. Such a wild boy!

Actually, this is what you see every evening, Noah watching TV and drinking his favourite juice. And pulling really strange faces. 

And of course, toys. Toys are everywhere!
Toys in the loo...

Toys in the kitchen...

Toys in the living room...

Toys in the hall...

Toys in the bathroom...

Toys in my room...

But of course, I love my brother the most and I can't imagine life without him anymore, and I am really going to miss him when I'll move out. :(

These were some impressions of me having a little brother, if you have younger brothers or sisters, you probably can relate to this, and if you don't, then you can see how it actually looks like! :)

And now I want to show you something else. Today after school, me and my friend Steffi went to a shop near our school to buy ourselves something for lunch at home. So I couldn't resist buying this cup of noodles. ( And we also bought oatmeal!) I really like them and after I ate them, I was really sad because I wanted more, so I actually went to the shop again to buy two more cups. I didn't eat them yet, but sometimes I have just an attack and I need to eat them, so now I am prepared. :D Now I'm going to take a shower, and make myself some tasty porrige with apples and cinnamon and study some more latin before going to bed.

Song for today: A little death <3



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